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  1. Having swirls; swirling

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A school prank is any of several common pranks performed by children or young adults. The pranks may occur in or away from school, or in any peer group setting, such as a military barracks, or between siblings.
The effect and intent of school pranks may range from everyday play and consensual bonding behavior to bullying or even assault, including sexual assault.

Common pranks

Backpack flipping

Backpack flipping is the act of removing the contents of someone else's backpack, turning the backpack inside-out, placing the shoulder straps inside, replacing all the contents inside the backpack, and zipping it back up. The subsequent shape of the backpack resembles a nugget, burrito, or turtle shell. Also called "nuggeting" and "turtling".

Flat tire/flat foot

The heel of the victim is trod upon, which may cause the victim to stumble. Stepping on the rear portion of the shoe as the foot lifts and thereby removing it is also a "heels" variant known as a "flat tire". A variant is to kick their heel forwards as it lifts. More commonly known as bogwashing in the U.K., or dunnyflushing in Australia.


A thumbtack is placed on a chair, with the point upwards, causing the victim pain when he or she sits down.

Towel snap

Also known as a "Towel Whip", "Towel Whipping" a "Rat-Tail" or "Rat-Tailing", the prankster twists a towel along the diagonal (typically dampened to hold its shape), making it into a whip with a towel corner at the tip. The prankster then "snaps" the towel as if cracking a whip, striking the victim with the tip of the towel and causing pain.
In 2007, eight-year-old Jared and Justin Serovich came up with "wedgie-proof" underwear at the Central Ohio Invention Competition 2007 where their invention got them into the finals.

Wet willy

Usually performed on a sleeping or otherwise unsuspecting person, the perpetrator of a wet willy wets his or her finger with saliva and inserts it into the ear of the victim.


  • If at all possible, involve a cow : the book of college pranks
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